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ASR KRATOS Turbo System | Kratos BMW M3 M4 M2 Competition S55 Upgraded

KRATOS Turbo systems are forged from the finest raw materials and assembled with strenuous attention to detail. Every component is purposefully designed and engineered in-house and tested to extreme standards. KRATOS is the only true OEM fit CORE-LESS turbo system manufacturer.

Compressor Wheels

The striking compressor wheels are one of the cornerstones of a KRATOS Turbo system. Sculpted out of a solid block of forged billet aluminum, their strength grants the ability to utilize more radical point milled third-order geometry designs. With extensive and masterful use of various compressor wheel design traits, the KRATOS wheels are in a class of their own

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Ceramic Ball

Ceramic Ball Bearing Technology

A distinctive feature of any KRATOS Turbo system is proprietary silicon nitride ceramic ball bearing technology. It offers efficiency and reliability unmatched by any other technology.

  • 5x the service life of steel ball bearings
  • Significantly lower temperatures than steel ball bearings – up to 50% higher operating speed
  • Increased efficiency and thrust load capability
  • Near frictionless operation requiring minimal oiling
  • Heightened transient response

KRATOS ceramic ball-bearing cartridges have been engineered to withstand extreme forms of abuse. KRATOS bearing housings have been endurance race-tested and have proven themselves to be reliable in the most extreme conditions. Designed to be fully rebuildable, KRATOS turbo systems are without equal in the industry.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting

Stainless steel investment casting is the perfect combination of form and function; robustly beautiful. Stainless steel investment casting is part of the identity of the KRATOS brand and is one of the most noticeable superficial features.

Extensive design considerations were taken to achieve the use of stainless steel investment casting in an all-encompassing OEM fitment turbo system. The 316 stainless steel used to produce KRATOS castings in addition to higher nickel content, 316 also contains two percent molybdenum which is attributed to its extreme corrosion resistance over that of 304 stainless steel.

OEM Fitment

OEM Fitment

The integration of ceramic ball bearing technology into true OEM fitment is unique to the KRATOS brand. All KRATOS products retain factory oil and water lines requiring no adapters or modification of any sort. The simplicity and ease of use are consequences of the considerable engineering time and prowess that were required to join the proprietary ceramic ball bearing technology within the confines of factory fitment and allow for the use of stainless steel investment casting.


Potency and resilience, the Ti6Al4V titanium compressor wheel option offers extended performance from the already radical billet variant. The sheer strength of this space-age material grants more aggressive design capabilities. KRAS55Ti features a unique third-order geometry, point milled eight blade compressor wheel designed specifically for use on the S55. With supporting modifications, this wheel is capable of 1000+ whp, achieving this with calculated precision, not brutish excess.


Application Specific Engineering

Certain applications require additional components in order to complete the turbo system. In the case of the BMW S55, turbo inlets needed to be provided to match the increased compressor diameter. The four-ply silicon inlets for the S55 also feature a match ported polished billet elbow. These inlets are direct fit to OEM crank case ventilation and intakes by utilizing our OEM fit billet flanges. KRATOS Turbo Systems represent a fully developed solution for each application.

About Us

Kratos turbo systems

ASR Engineering and KRATOS brands stand for quality and the pursuit of perfection. The products we produce are as a result of 20 years of experience engineering and designing in various private label ventures from endurance, road course, and drag racing applications.

ASR Engineering focuses on the manufacturing of direct-fit forged carbon and cooling components for European high-performance vehicles.

KRATOS is dedicated to engineering and manufacturing of core-less OEM-style turbo systems for European automotive applications.

Global Motoring Group’s recent acquisition of the ASR Engineering and KRATOS brands complement their foothold in the cutting edge of automotive design for European aftermarket products. Their international reach allows them to better serve and distribute to the global consumer.

kratos turbo systems

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